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Historian 5

The Great Depression was a time of hardship due to economic troubles. People were losing jobs rapidly because the stock market crashed and people became in debt and could not pay their way out of it. The crash sent millions to the street living in tiny huts made out of whatever they could find on the streets and even used logs and such from the woods.

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The Depresion began late 1929. Ironicly the market was at its high peak earlyerthat year also known as Black Tuesday. By the end of 1930, 1350 banks were closed down. In 1931, between 4 to 5 milloin people were out of work and unable to provide for their familys. By the end of 1931, 2239 banks were closed. Also during the Great Depression there was a thing called the Bonus Army. This was when all the World War I veterens were promised a bonus in cash in 10 years. The vets werent to happy with waiting becouse their familys were starving and so were they. The vets rallyed up in Washington DC and camped on the streets as a protest to get there bonus now. The presedent had the curent military to come in and move them out, most of witch would go and fight in World War II. After the military did their job two vets and a baby were found dead.
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Later the economy finaly started to come back together. Becouse of a new president many people were given new jobs, and with that came new dreams. People were getting their money back and could feed their familys again.