Migrant Worker by Heather Harsh
March 9, 1932
Just one year ago our farm was thriving. My family produced tons of crops and made a lot of money. Now, however our land and fertile soil has dried up and blown away because of the Dust Bowl. We left home on a train and now sleep in tents, we are very lucky to have them. We're headed to California, where we hope to find work. We're from Oklahoma and so by everyone who is not a migrant worker we are called Okies, though they call migrant workers that even if they aren't from Oklahoma. Most nights we camp with several other "Okies" and all children play together, they were forced to leave all their friends and can't go to school, it's the only time they can socialize.

March 10, 1932
There was a storm last night and our tents were destroyed, but luckily no one was hurt. It will be hard to find somewhere to stay but I am hopeful. We my be able to find people who are willing to help us. Even if we cannot we still have the car. My little brother misses home, I think we all do. We are nearly to California and my father hopes to get a job as a pea farmer, and plans to get a house as soon as possible.


March 11, 1932
Last night my parents slept in the car and a family with a large tent took in me and my brother. We travelled a lot today, we are all getting imaptient, and want to get there as soon as possible. My father says that if we start early we could get there by tommorow afternoon.

March 12, 1932
Today we arrived in California. Some people were turned away at the border but we were lucky enough to get through. My father started looking for a job right away. We had enough money to buy a new tent, we will sleep in it until we can afford a house. We are all just happy we can stay in one place for a while.

March 13, 1932
Early this morning we were afraid that my father might not be able to find a job. However, a friend he met on the way told him were he can find one. My brother has started school again, and if my father can find job our lives can finally return to normal. But, I am still not satisfied because I know that at the end of the season we will have to move again, and my father will have to find a new job.
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