Historical Time Line

  • 1920's
    • Economypic_p1_funfair_1920s.jpg
      • There is a period rapid economic growth
      • Many people are buying and using cars to get around due to their low price
      • With the car not being as expensive suburbs begin to growth at accelerated rate
      • New road and utility systems are created to deal with the demand of transportation and use of electronic appliance
    • Society
      • Farmers move toward the citiesa_flapper.jpg
      • African americans move north
      • The jazz age comes about
      • Women have more rights
      • They have shorter hair and shorter skirts
  • 1929
    • Stockmarket crash
      • The intial crash was on Black thursday which was October 24, 1929
      • A record 12.9 million shares were traded
      • Then on Black monday (October 28,1929) more people decided to pull out of the stockmarket and the Dow dropped 13%
        Photo of the wallstreet after the crash
      • The next day also known as Black tuesday 16 million shares were traded and the market lost another 16 million dollars which brought the total to 30 billion dollars which is more money then that of what was spent on the war
  • 1930's
    • Dust Bowl
      • 6.jpgDue to a drought and decades of farming the land with out rotating crops caused the top soil to turn to dust a cause severe dust storms
      • This caused most farm lands to become desolate dust bowls
      • Black sunday took place on April 14, 1935 during this time one of the worst dust storms took place
    • Women during the depression
      • Since during this time many men walked out on their families because of what they had lost many women had to assume the role as the provider
      • Most women had more of a chance getting jobs than men and were able to help support their family.