Using the Wiki

Log onto the wiki – Firstname_Lastname, and then your school password, make sure that you use an underscore

Adding a page
Under actions click on a new page, name it after your group and your assignment
Open your home page (Group #) and click on edit this page
Click on the insert link icon (earth with a chain link)
Under wiki page, use the pull down menu to choose the page that you have created
Click ok

Adding pictures to your wiki

Using the safari browser determine what picture you want, prior to clicking on the picture hold the control key and then click on the picture
Choose to save it to your i-photo
To upload a picture – click on edit this page
Click on the icon that looks like a tree
Click on browse and find your picture in i-photo
Click on upload
Once you see your picture double click on it and it will appear on your wiki where you had your curser placed
make sure that you site where you got the picture from this can be done by pasting the website below the picture or
click on the picture, and in the box add a link, add the website into the open space, it will make the picture itself into a link and you will not need to have your wiki covered in website addresses