In the 1920's right after world war 1 the economy boomed. And because of the boom people were not working so many hours, were spending more money, and investing in the stock market. and for 9 years 1920 to 1929 the stock market and the united states economy were at a record high leading the country to prosperity. during the prosperity there were many fads. The dancing arts were booming as well as the new invented silent movies.

On October 24 1929 the stock market crashed known as Black Thursday. The people thought and were hoping that the prices would rise again but they dint. On October 29 black Tuesday the prices dropped at a increasing rate, over 16 million people sold there stocks, but their value was much less then what their original value was.

The great depression did not just hit the United States, it was world wide, all international trade plunged by half in one day.djia19201940s.png